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Newtron (acronym NEW Traction Rear On) is the first Italian and European company to be certified as a manufacturer of electrical qualification systems. The company that operates in the automotive aftermarket sector with a simple objective: revolutionizing mobility.

As? Thanks to a kit for transforming an electric or hybrid electric motor car. A concrete solution for low-cost mobility and zero environmental impact, which eliminates entry barriers for potential hybrid purchasers and exceeds current "traditional" hybrid constraints.

The vision of the future is geared towards integrated solutions that can generate new business strategies and increase profits related to the production of goods and services in e-mobility.

Research oriented to the design and implementation of state-of-the-art technology systems that use clean energy sources such as Newtron guarantees the development of sustainable mobility with low environmental impact and secure economic benefits. 

Consolidated Know-how 


The rewarding factor of Newtron's development strategy lies in having a consolidated know-how that, through the enhancement of switching technology, helps to provide concrete solutions to the needs of a new concept of mobility:
- environmental sustainability;
- energy saving;
- eco-sustainability;
- cost savings for the consumer.