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With the entry into force of the 'Retrofit Decree' of 1 December 2015, no. 219 - Regulation for the provision of an electric retraining system for the provision of M and N1 passenger cars. (15G00232) (GU General Series No. 7 of 11-1-2016) effective from January 26, 2016, electric reconditioning is also possible in Italy thanks to Newtron technology.

A real electric revolution of your car that, thanks to the installation of our kit, will allow you: 

  • Low impact environmental impact;
  • Reducing car management costs;
  • Increase in the life cycle of the car;
  • Possibility of free movement in the presence of traffic restrictions.

The Newtron kit exceeds the limits of autonomy of traditional systems, introducing an innovative alternator capable of delivering the real-time energy needed for electric motors, using the battery only as a balancing system.

With a thermal engine coupled with an electric motor, the Newtron kit revolutionizes the concept of hybrid car.

Through the internal selector, the Newtron kit can operate in three modes: AUTO (50% fuel economy), LEV (90% fuel economy) or SPORT (20% fuel saving and +20 hp power).
The combination of the electric motor with the thermal engine allows not only a high yield in the city but also low fuel consumption in extra-urban cycles. In fact, consumption can be limited to only 1.5 l / 100 km with a wise guide.





Newtron hybrid technology associates the electric motor and the thermal engine of the most common commercial vehicles.

The vehicle can operate both in hybrid mode and in fully electric mode. Send your commercial vehicle to Newtron's technology, the first Italian and European company to be certified as a manufacturer of electrical retraining systems.